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Wayne Stoner

American artist Wayne Stoner for many years worked in the military and then had a complete change of career to dedicate himself to others and his art, a passion that he already had as a young man.
He currently lives between Florence, Italy and the USA and it is in Florence where he has most recently been inspired for his paintings and mixed media art works.
Wayne explains about his artistic process, “I paint from imagery connected to my memory, experiences and dreams to kickstart an intuitive process that works by refining, adding and subtracting.
I tend to respond to my surroundings and mimic colours and seasons.
I may consider my work finished but only when viewed, is it truly complete.
I aim for an ambiguous outcome that allows the observer to arrive at their own conclusion.
I encourage viewers to touch my paintings, I believe the actual texture provides another level of enjoyment and the viewer gets to violate the taboo, “don’t touch the art”.

Wayne Stoner artist